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Artificial Intelligence Advisory

Strategy / Risk / Governance / Ethics

We help organisations with their AI Strategy and set up Responsible AI Governance and Risk Management, aligning the latest and emerging AI Best Practices and Regulations. 

AI Strategy

AI adoption is a journey, one that starts with small steps and builds towards big wins. Our human-centred approach is dedicated to helping customers achieve their strategic goals by shaping what AI means for their organisations. We establish the right use cases and develop aligned strategies, ensuring a seamless and scalable AI business adoption.

We're here to guide you every step of the way. 

Responsible AI

We believe that the incredible potential of AI must be guided by a steadfast commitment toward “Responsible AI” (RAI). As this technology becomes more advanced and ubiquitous, it also becomes more prevalent in; life, work, and business. We recognise that AI is ultimately an enabler for optimising human capability; however, with this opportunity comes uncharted risks for an organisation and their workforce.

Our services

Maturity Evaluation: Assessing AI capability readiness and defining fit-for-purpose requirements across organisation and workforce

AI Strategy: Developing a comprehensive plan to leverage AI, aligning organisational goals, and future roadmap

AI Policy: Formulating regulation and guidelines for responsible AI application and deployment within the organisation

Risk: Identifying potential risks associated with AI and mitigation actions

Ethics: Ensuring AI aligns with moral principles and societal values

Principles: Establishing human-centric rules and standards for AI application

Governance: A framework for evaluating and aligning AI initiatives with current Regulations and Best Practices

AI Education: Proprietary learning & development program for AI literacy uplift

Kickstart your organisations AI journey with our game-changing 5 Step Framework

We've taken away the complexity for organisations who are ready to kickstart their AI journey. Our 5 Step facilitated Framework incorporates detailed steps from start to BAU. Supported by our expertise, we partner with you every step of the way.

Andrew Aloisio - Director


I help organisations lean into the future

"As a forward-thinking professional advising on Artificial Intelligence; Strategy, Ethics, Governance, and Responsible AI (RAI) practices, I have created robust human-centric processes and frameworks for; Getting started with AI, usability, risk management, and strategic planning."

Qualifications / Certifications / Awards

Artificial Intelligence

University of Oxford

Human-centred Design

University of Technology Sydney

ISO/IEC 42001 (AIMS)

Australian National University

Organisations can’t afford to overlook Responsible AI readiness for workforce

Organisations need to make sure their workforce is equipped to navigate the ethical complexities of AI.

As these technologies become embedded across internal and customer facing services, without clear policies, risk processes, and accountability measures, these applications can unknowingly expose; reputational, legal, and commercial risks.

Regulatory Risk

“The use of AI-powered hiring assessment tools worries me, as there have been reports of these exhibiting racial and gender biases, which could expose my organisation to legal and ethical issues.”

Commercial Risk

“Oversight of the AI-generated work is proving difficult without guides or principles, which creates risks around consistency and reliability.”

Security IP Risk

“Using AI tools for content, I worry about data loss related to intellectual property and other proprietary information.”

Artificial Intelligence Learning & Development Program

"Essentials Only. Minus the Hype and Jargon"

This online learning & development program focuses solely on essential AI knowledge, avoiding unnecessary embellishments and technical language. Created for organisations and individuals seeking a straightforward and practical understanding of artificial intelligence in a workforce context. Time commitment 4 - 6 Hrs

Memberships / Schemes

Australian Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


SCM0020: Prequalification Scheme: ICT Services 


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